Management Rights Finance

Tailored financial packages to meet your individual personal and business needs.

All key financiers are most keen on lending to the management rights industry and as such are extremely negotiable on loan structuring and competitive pricing to meet your individual needs.

Key options in meeting your needs can range from.

Interest only facilities or principal and interest repayments.

If you are someone who is placing all your available assets as cash into the purchase it would be prudent to take on principal and interest repayments so you can build equity in the business.

However if you are someone who has other key assets separate to cash equity in place interest only may better suit your needs to maximise cash flow for alternative investment strategies including maximising superannuation contributions to minimise tax liabilities.

Fixed or Variable Rates on your loans.

Forms part of your interest rate risk management strategy.

The above are only a couple of examples on loan structures and careful consideration must be given to the total benefits of the package the bank is offering including initial establishment costs to ongoing loan and other bank fees.

To assist with assessing you individual needs please complete the below preliminary interview forms and contact us.

For further information on our Finance Services check our Management Rights Finance section.

" Barry's knowledge of the banking industry and experience with Management Rights impressed us, with the result being a very smooth exercise in obtaining finance that was also very competitive."

Brian & Michelle Walker - Riviere on Golden Beach