Types of Management Rights

There are essentially 4 different types of Management Rights and some complexes can include a combination of two.

Which type of complex you chose will depend on your personal choice combining your business skills with lifestyle choices.

1. Holiday

Complexes are usually located in the holiday tourist areas. Letting is usually on a short term basis.

2. Permanent

Complexes are located in all residential areas. Letting is usually on a longer term basis from 3 to 6 months.

3. Corporate

Complexes are usually located in CBD areas of the city. Letting is usually for the short to medium term to meet the needs of business visitors.

4. Student

Complexes are usually located in the surrounding areas of universities. Letting is undertaken in line with permanent complexes with term in line with universities semesters.

"We were fortunate to be introduced to Mr Barry Maller and it was with his help and guidance along with his experience of the industry coupled with his extensive background in the banking industry that enabled us to move forward."

Lloyd & Jackie Collingwood - Kirra Surf Apartments