Why use a Finance Broker?

As with all areas associated with Management Rights you need a professional to ensure you are obtaining the best deal possible and finance package to suit your needs.

You engage a professional agent, accountant and solicitors to protect your interests and as such you require a financier with the same level of expertise.

If you shop for finance yourself you maybe faced with a financier or a local manager who doesn't fully understand the industry and as such you will be disappointed if your application fails.

As with all contracts that are subject to finance you then maybe faced with a situation where you have not allowed yourself adequate time to make alternative applications.

By using the services of a professional broker like "Catalina Finance & Consulting", You receive the following benefits.

  • Has a close association with financiers associated with the Management Rights Industry.
  • Has a well-established referral network of all professionals to assist you in Management Rights risks.
  • Source indicative offers of approval in most cases within 48 hours.
  • Analyse finance offers from financiers and recommend which offer will suit your individual requirements.
  • Give you the power of choice to accept the finance package that best suits you, and not what the financier wants to push.
  • Saves you the time and money in applying for finance.
  • NO cost to you for brokerage services.
  • A professional committed service to you to ensure you obtain the best deal the first time.

"We were fortunate to be introduced to Mr Barry Maller and it was with his help and guidance along with his experience of the industry coupled with his extensive background in the banking industry that enabled us to move forward."

Lloyd & Jackie Collingwood - Kirra Surf Apartments