Financial and Income Overview

Catalina Finance & Consulting can provide a financial and income analysis to suit your own personal financial position against any complex you are considering.

The majority of prospective purchasers look at and consider the net profit that is being advertised on a complex that is for sale.

This amount at times seems most attractive however the MOST important consideration that is overlooked is what your financial position will look like after taking the following into consideration.

  • How much will loan repayments be?, either interest only or principal and interest.
  • Are there costs not included in For Sale figures? - Example body corporate and rates associated with the managers unit.
  • What will the tax liability be on net taxable profit?

These are only a few of the possible adjustments that will need to be made to the FOR SALE figures to fully analyse your end profitability and surplus cash flow available to meet your personal needs and/or other investment strategies.

Example Financial Overview

This document has been completed on a dummy complex and provides a clear example of your net position after all expense considerations as mentioned above.

The use of this tool also provides vital statistics regarding returns on the business which form a key component in our assessment of fair market price range.

This analysis can be adjusted to suit your own personal circumstances as well as various loan structures that suit your own personal needs.

Please contact us to complete an analysis for you.

"I can recommend Barry as a very worthwhile person to help you through the minefield of requirements involved with the purchase of a management rights business, his wealth of knowledge both of the industry and local establishments makes him a great business partner."

Mal Butler - Riviere on Golden Beach